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Drum Set Lessons in Portland

Do you like to hit things with sticks?
You are probably a good candidate for drum set lessons then! Drumming typically refers to someone playing a drum set, as opposed to a percussionist, who could be playing all manner of instruments in addition to a drum set or drum kit (these are interchangeable terms). Drum set lessons can help you improve and become the great drummer you have been dreaming of becoming! Drum set lessons with an accomplished drum teacher are crucial for those wanting to improve in consistency, cadence, style, and complexity. Learn from the best drum teachers by signing up for drum set lessons today!

Here are some of our great drum set teachers!

Tired of stagnating with your drum set lessons? Feel like you aren’t improving playing the drum set – or that you have gotten stuck in unhelpful ruts? A skilled drum set instructor can help you along the way!

If you feel like the kid in this video – a little unsure of yourself…got some talent but don’t quite know where to go from here…nervously looking at others not quite sure what to do…

…then you need a drum teacher to help you through!

Drum set lessons start at just 28.00 per half hour! Drum set lessons can be done at the teachers’ studio, or at your home. We want to help you improve on the drum set, and our teachers are friendly, patient, and excited about music! These are the types of teachers that you want to teach you or your kids music! Friendly, personable, likeable, knowledgeable.

So give us a try! We offer a completely free first drum set lesson. Don’t like the teacher after the first lesson? Try another! We want to find the perfect drum set teacher for you. Chase the dream of being a great drum set musician by getting lessons today!

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Here’s our main drum set lessons page:

One Response to Drum Set Lessons in Portland

  1. Anthony Mattera says:

    I always wanted to take drums lessons, I hope people take this opportunity to play/learn. With the long winter we have had, we all need to learn a fun hobby. Thanks!

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