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Euphonium lessons in Portland, Oregon, check out our great euphonium teachers!

This blog is to announce that we have added euphonium lessons to the list of instruments available! Woo! Below is the text of the new page.

The euphonium is NOT a baritone! They are slightly different, often confused – the euphonium is far more popular and you might as well call it a baritone because everyone knows what you mean now. But technically they are different. The euphonium gets it’s name from the Greek word “euphonos“, which means “good sounding” or “sweet voiced”, and in the hands of someone who has taken euphonium lessons with one of our awesome euphonium teachers, that can certainly be true. It is also however, basically a miniature tuba, and capable of massive noise, resulting in angry neighbors. So euphonium lessons are a good thing! Keep those neighbors happy.

The euphonium is a brass instrument with a tenor voice. It is smaller than a tuba, and larger than a french or english horn. It was invented in 1843 and was called a “wide-bore, valved bugle of baritone range” They didn’t really know what to call it yet. An interesting thing happened when piston valves for brass instruments were invented 30 years before that in 1813. Before that finger holes in the side of the brass instruments were the way pitch was controlled, (think of the holes in a recorder or flute). This was not as good of a system as the valves – they gave the musician much greater control and a wider range to play the instrument in. So the euphonium came out of that invention of the valves.

Are you looking to improve your performance with euphonium lessons? In Portland there’s no better place to find a euphonium teacher than the Musicality Network. Our euphonium teachers will help you progress in amazing ways with this wonderful instrument. Learn to read sheet music during your euphonium lessons, drills, exercises, breathing, embouchure, posture and more are covered as well. You will never regret signing your child up for euphonium lessons with one of our awesome euphonium teachers! They can even come to your house to do the euphonium lessons there! Our euphonium teachers are all Portland or Vancouver locals, who can do in-home lessons, or you can go to their studio for euphonium lessons as well.

So, are you looking for the best euphonium lessons in Portland, Oregon? The Musicality Network is the place to go. Our euphonium teachers are all background checked, and are the nicest people! The type of people you would love to come over and teach your kids about music!

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