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Name: Abi
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Guitar, Piano, Ukulele
Location: NE Portland

There is nothing I love more than helping a student find the same love for music that I have. I started playing piano as a little girl, with 10 years of private lessons. In using piano, guitar and a few other various instruments, I have been involved with concert bands, jazz bands, worship bands, and enjoyed every second of each one. This has allowed me to have experience in a variety of different sounds and settings, and learn how to add the best strokes of musical sounds to the blank canvas of silence.

As a musician working towards a music major and educational ministries minor at Multnomah University, I am more than devoted to learning myself, and teaching the technicalities of music. I want to help students feel like they are getting everything they can from their musical experience, and enjoy music as their desired second language. Abi teaches piano, ukulele and guitar.

Abi is currently accepting new students.

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