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Name: Adam K.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Piano
Location: NE Portland

Adam first fell in love with the piano at age 5, when he began the first of ten years of classical training. During high-school, he found a new passion for the instrument as his focus transferred into the jazz realm. This passion continued into his collegiate years at the University of Vermont, where he studied extensively in jazz improv and successfully completed a Music minor program. Integrating music with his other primary studies of Philosophy and Religion, he became enamored with music’s ability to shape a person and their surroundings. Adam believes that having a personal connection and understanding of music is essential for fully grasping all that the world around you has to offer. His love of performing is equal to his desire for imparting that emotion unto others. Adam has toured the country several times over with a variety of projects – including groups based in indie-rock, world beat, jazz quartets, improvisational and progressive rock, cover bands, hip-hop, dance-pop, and his own singer-songwriter performances. His main goal in teaching is to instill each student with an  independent desire to take their own music and abilities to wherever their heart leads them. He would love to help you find your own calling with the piano, and teach you how easy it is to bring a knowledgeable understanding of the instrument into your life.

Adam is not currently accepting new students.

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