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Name: Arizona
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Flute, Piano, Saxophone, Voice
Location: Clackamas/Oregon City

My musical journey began when I was five years old and started singing in my church youth choir. I thought learning to sing was a lot like learning to speak a different language and, as a driven five-year-old, I was determined to learn as much of this new language as I could. In the years that followed I’ve found a deep love and passion for piano, flute, saxophone, and vocals. I have become what some may call a music enthusiast and have experience with many other instruments as well including trumpet, French horn, hand bells, percussion, harmonica, mandolin, ukulele, and guitar.

As a dual student at Clackamas Community College and Alliance Charter Academy (ACA), I have had the opportunity to be involved in many different music programs and groups. As the current student director of ACA’s Jazz Choir, I have had gained experience in mentoring and coaching students in musical success. Having experiences with such a variety of instruments and ensembles has given me a broad understanding and appreciation for music as a whole. When I teach, I keep the lessons fun and engaging because it is my belief that music should never be a burden. I include theory that is applicable to the student’s instrument as well as to a variety of music that will help the student in whatever direction they decide to take their talents in the future, whether it be piano, violin, or even timpani.

Through my teaching I hope to inspire the same love and passion of music that was introduced to me as a young child. Once the desire to learn has been sparked, the music become more than just notes on a page and the possibilities are endless. I teach piano, flute, saxophone, voice.

Arizona is currently accepting new students.

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