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Name: Brendan
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Bass, Guitar, Ukulele
Location: Inner NW Portland

With over 16 years of playing, and a decade of teaching, I can confidently play a wide variety of musical styles. Studying jazz in Portland through middle school and high school, and performing punk rock around the all ages venues in town, I eventually left to Southern California, for both college and grad school. I earned a Master’s in Teaching Social Studies; music, however, was always the most important thing for me. I spent six months in Argentina, where I taught rock guitar in Spanish to locals, and studied various Latin styles of guitar playing. I am now proficient at playing and teaching punk, funk, bossa nova, reggae, ska, hard rock, progressive rock, salsa, alternative, blues, folk, jazz fundamentals, and more. I have studied under some of the best musicians in the Northwest and in Argentina, and worked with some of the most talented musicians in Oregon and LA. I can teach in English or Spanish, and have a bilingual credential just for that.

Brendan is currently accepting new students.

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