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Name: Cameron
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Bass, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele
Location: Aloha (185th and TV Hwy)

Hi, my name is Cameron. Currently I am an active touring musician, born in Los Angeles and raised in Hillsboro, OR,

I started my musical journey in 6th grade with clarinet. In 7th grade I was moved up to the 8th grade advanced band where I started learning trumpet. In 8th grade i learned tuba, trombone, and tenor saxophone and was the trumpet and trombone soloist for our jazz band. This was also the year when I was selected by my band teacher to be the only student from my school perform at the Oregon state honor band in Eugene playing euphonium. Later that year I was part of the Portland soloist ensemble competition where I received the highest marks in both a tuba and clarinet duet. After taking a summer of piano lessons, I started high school taking guitar, music theory and concert choir and have been focusing on guitar ever since.

I specialize in the genre of metal and rock guitar, but enjoy playing all styles of music. Some of my biggest musical influences include bands like Metallica, Green Day and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
I have performed as bass player countless times with my band including a recent US tour where I performed at Vans Warped Tour SLC and the largest rock festival in the United States – Rockfest Wisconsin.
I have a strong passion for music that will help my students find the joy and inspiration in music that it has given me. Teaching is something I truly enjoy and I love helping students find the musical spark inside them that makes learning fun!
Cameron teaches bass, guitar, piano, and ukulele. He is currently accepting new students of all ages.
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