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Name: Devan
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Brass, Drumset, Percussion, Piano, Trombone, Voice
Location: SE Portland

My desire is to help others experience the joy of playing and creating music.  Since age 8 I have developed my musical skills on a diversity of instruments and in a diversity of ensembles from elementary school through college.  I earned my music minor from Portland State University and was involved in multiple ensembles including Band, Choir, Jazz, Taiko, and various other collaborations.  I also have experience in teaching including being an educational assistant with Headstart and years of teaching friends to develop their skills.

My goal is to help people desiring to learn music develop their musicianship necessary to express themselves through reading and performing repertoire, as well as encouraging creative compositions and musical collaborations.  If I can make my students succeed this way with joy my goal is complete.

Along with music I enjoy hiking, going on adventures, and hanging out with my community.  I am currently accepting new students and am looking forward to working with you to accomplish your musical ambitions. I currently teach Piano, Trombone, Voice, Drumset, and Percussion.

Devan is currently not accepting new students.

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