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Name: Emily S.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Bass, Drumset, Guitar, Piano
Location: NE Portland

Emily plays guitar, piano, bass, and drums. Originally from England, she has lived in the States for 5 years.

She grew up taking piano, and drum lessons, and has always been passionate about music from a young age. When she became a teenager, and saw a video of Jimi Hendrix, she decided the stage was for her! She went on to study a diploma in performance, & professional musicianship from the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, in guitar and bass.

Currently concentrating on performing, and writing in her own project, Tashi Delay. Emily has been active in the Portland music scene as a session player. A big highlight for her was touring the States playing drums for the space themed marching band, LoveBomb Go Go.

Her teaching style encourages her students to release their inner creativity. She does this by focusing on her students musical tastes to help explain technique, and understanding of music theory. She teaches guitar, piano, bass, and drums.

Emily is currently not accepting new students.
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