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Name: Grace K.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Piano, Violin
Location: East Vancouver/Camas

Grace’s love of music started from an early age. She has played the piano from the age of two, and the violin since she was eight years old. She loves playing classical violin and fiddle, has own numerous fiddle contest awards, and has played in several youth orchestras throughout high school, and the Clark College orchestra during the time when she recently completed 2 years of music studies at the school. Piano is also one of her strengths, and she enjoys Classical, ragtime, pop, and sacred music, playing the instrument at her church. Teaching music and imparting the joy of it to others is something she really enjoys. When not playing music, Grace can be found riding, training, and showing horses, fishing, reading, drawing, and working on her family’s small farm.
Grace teaches piano and violin.
Grace is currently not accepting new students.
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