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Name: Jacob S.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Guitar, Piano, Ukulele
Location: Sacramento (Downtown, Midtown)

Jacob began showing a proclivity towards creative endeavors at a very young age. At four years old his mother began teaching him piano which marked the beginning of his lifelong, creative-intellectual obsession with the world of music. Jacob soon surpassed his mother’s playing abilities and so began his studies with many different instructors of various teaching styles. He began to extract out particular fundamental truths from the litany of teaching methods he had been exposed to and sought to apply them to his own teaching practice. At 15 years old, Jacob began teaching piano and guitar to family friends and acquaintances. He continued to study with the best instructors he could find whilst simultaneously refining his own teaching methods. One of Jacob’s beliefs is that music is analogous to life, and that there is so much to learn about the human experience through the understanding and appreciation of music. Jacob teaches Piano, Guitar and Ukulele.

Jacob is currently accepting new students.

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