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Name: Jessica T.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Piano, Voice
Location: SW Portland

Beginning her piano endeavor at 3 years old, Jessica took lessons for 16 years from Robert Bolton and Suzie Risor, took a piano seminar from Michael Allen Harrison, and studied under Darnell Epps at Washington State University.

Her approach to voice is unique, emphasizing vocal health first through a physiological approach that builds a balance of muscles. While classical in nature, this approach allows the voice to be used in any capacity, from classical to jazz or even pop. Jessica studied under Louise Craig and Sheila Converse, and has been certified through The Northwest Institute of Voice by Thomas R. Blaylock. She has sung in numerous vocal groups including Portland Symphonic Girlchoir, JEM, WSU Madrigals, and performed in many operas and musicals.

She earned a bachelors degree in early childhood education at WSU and minored in music with emphasis in piano and voice. This education gives her a unique understanding of how learning works and reflects her passion for teaching and music. Her teaching philosophy emphasizes intrinsic motivation, working to find the students unique interests to help them enjoy their practice and learning processes.

Jessica teaches piano and voice.

Jessica is currently accepting new students.

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