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Name: Justin B.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Drumset, Percussion, Piano
Location: Happy Valley

Justin is a native Oregonian and multi-instrumentalist who specializes in performing and teaching drum set. With over 20 years playing experience and 13 years professional experience in performance, recording, and private instruction, Justin strives to expose students to the magic, power, and role of percussion in all genres of music. He has taught and continues to teach students of all ranges of age and ability with emphasis on playing the drum set as a musical instrument and not just as a metronome or something to bash on (as fun as that is at times, too!).

Piano and trombone were Justin’s first melodic instruments. Fortunately, his family had a piano in his home growing up upon which he was given lessons and spent many hours experimenting with his own compositions. He took up trombone in junior high school under the instruction of Rick Tippets and was given a rich musical education in orchestral, symphonic, jazz, and marching band for the next six years. Along the way he picked up playing guitar and bass as well.

Ultimately, drums were Justin’s passion. Dashboard percussion was his first true musical experience as a boy when he and his Father would drum along to classic rock of the Who, Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Pink Floyd, Chicago, and Earth Wind and Fire. This fascination transitioned to conga and djembe hand drums after seeing the televised performance of Paul Simon’s Concert in the Park. This passion for percussion followed Justin through high school where he spent nearly all of his spare time practicing and studying drum set. After high school, he as he spent several years of study in the Percussion Department of the University of Oregon’s School of Music under Gary Hobbs, Sean Wagoner, and Charles Dowd.

After college, Justin spent the next six years in Eugene performing, recording, and teaching with much of this time spent playing with the Musicality Network’s own Tate Peterson (guitar & multi-instrumentalist). In 2009 he moved back to Portland to pursue a career in nursing. He has been blessed to find work playing with many amazing musicians and bands including Os Mutantes, Norma Fraser, and currently playing with the Musicality Network’s own Adam King (piano) in their band, Lesser Bangs. Justin is excited and proud to be a part of the Musicality Network and looks forward to all of the music and teaching experiences to come.

Justin is currently accepting students of all ages.

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