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Name: Karen W.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Drumset, Guitar, Percussion, Piano
Location: SE Portland

I started piano lessons in first grade, learned flute in Junior High, and played percussion in the Concert and Symphonic Bands, glockenspiel in the Marching Band, and piano in the Jazz Band in High School.

I took Music Education for two years at Michigan State University, where I learned cornet and cello, and studied piano and composition. I played keyboards in several rock bands in San Francisco, and later studied Jazz Improvisation and drumming at Humboldt State University.

I enjoy playing music with other people, especially in bands. It’s really fun to be part of creating a musical experience for an audience! I also enjoy expressing my feelings through music – it helps me to stay balanced and centered. I like encouraging my students to learn to express themselves, too. We often play duets, and I encourage them to join musical groups – those who are old enough of course! My younger students are typically involved in school bands.

What I love most about Portland is the wide open spaces, all the green trees, and the friendly people.

I currently am teaching piano, guitar, drums and percussion. Accepting students of all ages.

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