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Name: Kathy
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Piano
Location: SE Portland (Woodstock)

Kathy graduated from Portland State University with a degree in piano performance and music education, including student teaching at both the elementary and high school levels. Her studies at that time concentrated on classical music. After college she focused on Jazz, and is now a member of two performing jazz ensembles, has played piano in a local Big Band, performs solo jazz piano, and participates in other events such as private parties, jazz Sundays and jazz jams.

After working full time for many years first in the travel industry, then in healthcare admin related jobs, she is now able to balance her schedule to allow for more of what she loves to do best; more musical pursuits, including bringing on additional private students.

Kathy currently acts as a band leader, jazz pianist, composer and arranger. She works well with students of all ages, has a calm caring demeanor, and loves to encourage musical growth. If your interest is classical, she can get you started with the basics of playing the piano including technique and sight reading. And if you do have an interest in jazz piano, this is a specialty area of focus that includes improvisation, composition and music theory.

Kathy remembers so well all the teachers who inspired her musically over the years, and is incredibly grateful to have had those influences. There’s lifelong joy that comes from involving yourself with music, and being able to pass this along to new students is immensely rewarding!

Kathy is currently accepting new students.

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