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Name: Laima M.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Accordion, Piano, Voice
Location: Vancouver

Laima (rhymes with Lima, as in Lima Bean!) is originally from Lithuania, and has lived on the west coast for the past 11 years – 10 years in Berkeley, CA, and the last year or so in Vancouver, WA. Classically trained, Laima brings her rich musical education to each lesson with her students, but that doesn’t mean lessons are boring! Laima particularly is concerned that kids get excited about the lessons, enjoy doing exercises, and connect with her as their teacher to help them in their journey towards learning their instrument. Laima is patient, has a good sense of humor, and believes that parents should play some role in helping their kids to practice consistently, so that lessons are most beneficial. Conservatory trained, Laima is ready to challenge even advanced students in piano. In addition to piano, Laima teaches voice and accordion.

Laima is currently accepting new students.

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