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Name: Michael O.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Guitar
Location: Gresham (Powell and 181st)

I grew up in the south and oddly enough, my soul is attracted to the beauty of the pacific northwest! Both its landscapes and people. I have been in Oregon about a year and 4 months. My favorite hobbies include watching movies/cooking and playing silly tunes on my guitar. I have been playing guitar approximately 5 years. In my 2nd year of playing I participated in a city wide competition where I placed in the 1st division having qualified to advance to a state level where I then placed in the 2nd division. My expertise ranges from the simplest of chords to music theory and technique though my skillset is a more diverse than what I can explain here. My passion for music is unmatched by anything else in my life and I enjoy very few things more than i enjoy performing/teaching and sharing the gift of music in any way that I can. I bring a smile and hilarious laugh everywhere I go and my teaching methods are simple and concrete yet adaptable for any person trying to learn guitar. If you have any questions about my skills, schedule, or personality… I encourage you to ask!

Michael is currently accepting new students.

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