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Name: Nicholas W.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Guitar, Piano
Location: Vancouver

My name is Nicholas. My first memory of playing an instrument was banging on the piano in our living room, a gift from my great-grandmother. My mother hired a piano teacher when I was five years old, and I continued learning piano for eight years, with two amazing teachers. As I approached adolescence, I became more and more interested in guitar-driven rock and roll. My uncle bought me my first electric guitar and amplifier, and I quit piano lessons shortly after. I learned my favorite songs, using the internet for guitar sheet music and tabs. During my first year of high school, I met an aspiring drummer, and together we created a band, cycling through upwards of fifteen other members through our four years of high school. We grew from radio and punk rock to progressive rock to heavy metal to modern metal. We pushed ourselves to play harder, faster, more accurately. We first pushed ourselves to shred out big, heavy, emotional riffs, with no regard to structure, but in time, we began to focus more on song structure. With other musicians constantly coming in and out, I was responsible for composing two guitars, bass guitar, and keyboard/synth. After high school, without a full band to play with, I started to spend more time playing classical acoustic guitar, writing out singer/songwriter style pieces.
I believe it is important for an upcoming musician to be free to learn any song they desire, no matter how challenging. By learning these songs, a person can learn the parts used by their favorite bands or composers, which will allow them to compose original pieces with a style that he/she is passionate about. I currently teach guitar and piano.
Accepting students of all ages.
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