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Name: Nick P.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Bass, Clarinet, Guitar, Percussion, Saxophone, Ukulele
Location: NE Portland (Killingsworth and 42nd)

I learned to play saxophone at one of the most competitive and disciplined public schools in Florida, playing in orchestra, ensemble, jazz bands, and solo. After taking a break from the instrument to pick up guitar, I found my own understanding of music, and try to bring that into my teaching style. I find that it is important for a student to figure out why they want to learn music, and which methods for learning it will suit them best. Aside from understanding the basics and intermediate techniques of actually playing an instrument, I also like to delve into the creative side, and how we can keep music a fun, accessible, and social activity.
I’ve been a working musician in Portland for the past 3 years. Currently the only band you can see me in is Love-Bomb Go-Go, a cosmic 20 piece marching band that plays an assortment of shows around town and throughout the Northwest. My preferred styles span across rock (including classic, punk, prog), jazz, blues, soul, funk, folk, country, and bluegrass.
Nick teaches guitar, saxophone, bass, woodwinds (including clarinet), percussion, and ukulele.
Nick is currently accepting new students.
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