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Name: Rhys
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Piano
Location: NE Portland

I was born loving music.  I love listening to it, all types, and love making it.  When I was six, my mom taught me notes on the piano.  When I was fourteen, my dad taught me about chords.  I had a piano in my room that year and fell in love with the black and white ivory keys.  Growing up in the church, I was always surrounded by guitarists, so I learned quickly how to make music in groups. Most of my musical journey has been self-taught and has often reflected my personal growth.  First I played the piano to fit in with people, then I played it to express thoughts and feelings that couldn’t be put into words.  Now I’ve come full circle and am again playing and singing in groups because I love making music with people.

Currently accepting students of all ages.

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