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Name: Samantha
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Guitar, Piano
Location: Vancouver

Samantha began her musical journey in the 3rd grade when she was in her very first out of school choir, Portland Girls Choir. In fourth and fifth grade she began experimenting with instruments, like violin and clarinet, while still being a part of choral programs in Oregon. At age 10 she fell in love with the Piano, and began teaching herself how to play, along with music theory. She started taking classical voice lessons at the age of 13 where she began formally learning theory and sight reading, at that same time she got her first guitar and once again fell in love with the instrument. With the aid of the internet and her uncle she began playing guitar, and loving it.
Currently Samantha goes to the Arts and Communications Magnet Academy School in Portland where her focus is Vocal and Instrumental Music along with Writing. She performs around the state as a solo artist both playing and singing. She also competes in the OMEA Solo and Ensemble Competition every year. She loves to play and teach piano and guitar, and in her free time she experiments with Composition, and with playing other instruments like the violin, viola, cello, and drumset.
Samantha teaches piano and guitar.
Samantha is currently not accepting new students.
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