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Name: Sean G.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Bass, Guitar
Location: N. Portland

Sean has been playing the guitar for almost 40 years, and after graduating with a degree for the study of electric guitar from the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles, has had the opportunity to play various styles of music ranging from Rock, Reggae, Jazz, R&B, Gospel and Funk, with “everything” in between including Experimental “out” Jazz, Broadway style pit orchestras, Casual Gigs dressed in a Tux, Funky New Orleans style dance Bands, and even Church Gigs.

Performing throughout the West Coast from Los Angeles to Seattle, Sean has managed to share the stage with such diverse names as Curtis Salgado (Northwest blues icon) and Paul Hudson (the charismatic singer from the world famous Bad Brains) and while fronting his own Jazz combo “The Wayward Trio” has been featured in the Oregonian. In addition to many recording sessions, Sean and “the Trio” have recorded their self titled CD “Nudnik” commercially available on ITunes.

Sean likes to keep the study of music moving in an enjoyable and positive direction geared toward the experience †level of and perspective of each student. Sean has been having great fun teaching guitar students at various levels for years.

Sean is currently not accepting new students.

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