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Name: Susie
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Accordion, Piano
Location: NE Portland (MLK and Alberta)

I started playing piano when I was four years old, and asked for lessons when I was six. I was classically trained, but then later discovered Jazz, the Blues, and theater arts.

When I found myself without a piano in my life for too long, I started teaching myself how to play the piano accordion, and then sought out a teacher, who helped me develop further understanding of the instrument. Since then, my studies have focused on music theory and technical practice as a means toward musical expression and improvisation. I enjoy adapting piano music to the accordion, and have a soft spot for waltzes from the many cultures of accordion music.

I want music to be fun and fulfilling. As a performance and movement artist I also bring a focus to the body and breath as they relate to music and musical performance. This includes incorporating stretches and breath awareness to circumvent physical stresses associated with the playing of an instrument. I teach piano and accordion.

Susie is currently accepting new students.

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