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Name: Charles
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Bass, Piano
Location: North Portland (St. Johns)

I have been playing the piano for 15 years, and the bass guitar around 10. I took classical piano lessons as a child at a private college, Samford. I started playing the bass in 6 th grade at
Homewood Middle School in Birmingham, Alabama. I was the bass guitar player for the jazz band and played the stand up bass with a bow for the school at competitions. Homewood has one of the
most prestigious bands in the country, they play in the Macy Day Parade every Thanksgiving in New York City. Once I reached college, I started writing my own music. I play many genres including: Rock, Blues, Pop, Soul, Jazz, Avant Garde, Blue Grass etc. On my recordings I play the following: Vocals, Keys, Bass, Guitar, Percussion, and Ukulele. I grew up where American music was created. Music is my soul and purpose in life. Sharing music and teaching others is the greatest gift. I am overtaken with joy when I can influence others musically.

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