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Fun and affordable piano lessons in Portland, with great piano teachers in Portland Oregon!

If you are looking for piano lessons for yourself, or for your kids, the Musicality Network of Portland, Oregon, has awesome piano teachers who can come to your house for piano lessons! Piano lessons in Portland can be fun and affordable now, thanks to our great group of teachers, who can come to your house for piano lessons, or the piano lessons can be done in the teachers studio. <——-check out some of our piano teachers here!

We offer a completely free first piano lesson, and after that, if you like your piano teacher, we will email you the billing info for your piano lessons. The cost starts at just 40.00 per piano lesson. Our piano teachers are the friendliest, most patient and kind teachers around. Below I will list some links to our great piano teachers, so you can find one to give you piano lessons! Don’t have your own piano? Not a problem! Travel to a piano instructor’s home studio, or have the teacher help you purchase a new or used piano for your piano lessons. You can purchase an electric piano with weighted keys for your piano lessons. It is important that the piano have weighted keys so it feels like a real piano. These can be had cheap.

If you are willing to get some guys together and move a traditional piano, then usually you can find people giving them away on Craigslist. Show up, haul their old piano away and put it in your house. Most people are giving away pianos for free because it’s such a hassle to get rid of them.

Are you a complete beginner at piano? Never had a piano lesson before? Portland is home to the Musicality Network, a local area network of piano teachers teaching piano lessons to you or your children, in a studio or at your house. We have suzuki piano lessons available, as well as classical piano and contemporary piano curricula. Whatever you are looking for, we have a piano teacher who can help you out. We currently have over 30 piano teachers with the network, all over the Portland metro area. Vancouver, Gresham, Hilsboro, Beaverton, Clackamas, Lake Oswego, and more! <———more great piano instructors at this link!

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