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Name: Patrick
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Bass, Guitar, Piano
Location: Portland State University (downtown Portland)

Patrick is a student of music at Portland State University, but has been teaching since before he moved college, and has been playing music since much longer before that. He was an integral part of the foundation of a music school in his home town of Neenah, Wisconsin, teaching individual and group bass, guitar, and piano lessons there, and is excited to begin teaching in Portland, bringing with him several years of teaching experience already. Patrick plays in groups around town, and also plays is various ensembles at Portland State University.

Patrick mostly studies jazz in school, but plays many other styles outside of school and is happy to use whatever students are most interested in as a vehicle to further their musical ability along with giving them a good general musical foundation. Patrick is also great at explaining music theory in ways that are easy to grasp and apply to a student’s playing.

Patrick is currently accepting new students.

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