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The guitar is an instrument with a diverse cultural history, beginning as early as the 12th Century in Europe and extending all the way into our present day. Whether Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, or Bass Guitar, the Guitar has impacted American musical culture probably more than any other instrument – as a result guitar lessons are in high demand.

Because of it’s portability, the simplicity of chords and the relatively quick learning curve, the Guitar is a favorite among those looking for music lessons. The Musicality Network in Portland has the best teachers for Guitar lessons for your child. Our teachers specialize in basic chord theory and strumming patterns, to more complex scale and rhythm exercises, to jazz and blues modes for the more advanced students taking Guitar lessons.

Guitar lessons are a great way to introduce young children to music. Many of your kids favorite bands feature Guitar as a prominent if not primary instrument, Guitar is easy to pick up and play, and encouraging results can usually be seen during the first couple guitar lessons.

While guitar lessons are easy to begin with, a students fingers will tend to be sensitive to the strings, and will take a week or so to develop calluses which make playing a snap. Regular practice between guitar lessons will ensure that this period of development is not more painful than necessary, and most kids feel proud once they feel how much easier it is to press the strings due to the developing calluses and hand strength.

During guitar lessons, most of our teachers will find the music that your child loves to listen to, and help your child play the basic guitar lines with the song. Playing along to music is one of the best ways to develop musical sense – rhythm and style often fall into place without the student even realizing it if they are playing along to music they love. Many children have latent musical ability which simply has yet to be expressed by taking guitar lessons. Guitars can be purchased in sizes ranging from large to small, to fit children as young as 5 – making their guitar lessons more feasible and enjoyable for them.


To sign up for Guitar lessons, either email us ([email protected]), call us (971-227-4222), or use the contact form on our website. We will answer any further questions you have, and based on your address will recommend a teacher in your area. We will have the teacher contact you (usually the same day) and set up a free first lesson. After the free first lesson, if you decide you like the teacher, we will send you your billing information by email.

The Musicality Network is a Portland, Oregon based network of private music teachers, teaching a wide variety of instruments including Piano lessons, Guitar lessons, Drum lessons, Violin lessons, Voice lessons, and more! Our teachers can drive to your house, and we service the entire Portland Metro Area, including Vancouver, Clackamas, Troutdale, Gresham, Tigard, Beaverton, Tualatin, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Oregon City and more!