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One of the most popular instruments in the world, the history of the violin starts in 16th century Italy, where it began to emerge in both formal and folk settings. One of the oldest surviving violins was built in 1574, and used by a Norwegian virtuoso violinist for over forty years and thousands of concerts as late as the mid 19th century.
The violin is particularly popular as a foundational instrument, learned early in life. Students as young as three are often taught using the Suzuki method. The violin is more challenging to learn than some other instruments, and practice and good instruction are necessary for clear and accurate intonation, posture, and other elements of playing such as proper bow grip and angle.
Violin holds a prominent place in ensembles and orchestras, often considered to be the “lead” instrument. Violin lessons are particularly helpful for middle or junior high students who want to excel in their school bands – most children who make first chair take violin lessons outside of school as well as in band class.
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