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The rich history of the guitar began as early as the 12th century in Europe and has extended all the way into today’s popular and classical music. In all its versions–classical, acoustic, electric, and bass–the guitar has had an incredible impact on the development of modern music.
The guitar is a favorite choice for lessons, due to its portability, the simplicity of chords and the relatively quick learning curve. It is an easy instrument to play, and encouraging results can usually be seen during the first few lessons. Guitar lessons are also a great way to introduce young children to music, especially since many popular bands feature the guitar as a leading instrument.
Most children have the agility and strength to start learning guitar as young as five years old. Our teachers have found that many children have latent musical ability, which is awakened by the fun and challenge of learning the guitar. Our teachers can also help guide the purchase of an appropriately-sized guitar, since they come in a wide range of sizes, to best fit each student.
To sign up for guitar lessons, either email us ([email protected]), call us at (503) 342-7918, or use the contact form on our website.
We will answer any further questions you have, and can recommend a teacher in your area. We will have the teacher contact you (usually the same day) and set up a free first lesson. After the lesson, if you decide you like the teacher, we will send billing information by email.