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Portland School Concerts for Kids!

The Musicality Network started doing concerts in Portland area public and private schools this year, bringing great live music to kids of all ages in school districts some of which have entirely cut music from their budget due to overall cuts. The trend in cuts to the arts is an alarming trend. We hope to counter this by providing completely free, high quality concerts to kids in schools all over Portland! Many of our teachers regularly participate in this, and as well as being amazing teachers they are extremely skilled musicians! Each team of teachers consists typically of 4-7 teachers, and they prepare around an hour of music ranging from group ensembles to solos, duets, or quartets. The genres range from rock and roll, jazz and country, to classical, folk, big band, blues and more! We even bring in teachers playing more rare instruments. It’s an incredible educational opportunity, and a lot of fun at the same time!

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If you are a teacher or work at a school and you’d like us to come do a concert during an assembly or as an after school activity, please contact Stephanie at: [email protected]