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Audio Recording/Production & Mixing Lessons

Recording equipment has become much more accessible to the consumer and with that being said almost everyone can afford to have some type of recording setup.  Recording setups vary greatly and we can help you get them up and running and teach you how to use them to record yourself or your band.  Additionally, as an instrumentalist, recording yourself can help you become a better player through critical listening and experimenting with techniques and practice. Lessons will include time in an actual recording studio – playing either your own music or recording other artists. The tools available to amateur artists today are absolutely incredible – put those tools to good use by knowing what you are doing – by learning from someone who has done recording professionally!

We can teach you:

The basics of producing & recording
How to setup your equipment and how to use it to record a song.
Recording Techniques
Editing Techniques

Recording/Production lessons cost 75.00 per session.