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The piano is one of the most popular instruments in the world. It is a foundational part of modern music education, and has had an extraordinary influence in the history of music, across many styles and cultures.
Piano lessons are an excellent way to learn music fundamentals, because of the simple layout of the piano’s keys. The keys are arranged in a row, and students can easily see and count the steps in a musical scale.
Many parents begin with piano lessons before moving to other instruments, and many of our teachers can teach multiple instruments–guitar and piano lessons, for example. Children as young as three years old can start learning the piano, because the keys are easy to see and press.
For intermediate to advanced students, our roster of instructors can work with any level. Styles that our teachers specialize in include classical, jazz, rock, pop, singer-songwriter, and more. Songwriting and composition are also available for students who are interested in creating their own music.
To sign up for piano lessons, either email us ([email protected]), call us at (503) 342-7918, or use the contact form on our website.
We will answer any further questions you have, and can recommend a teacher in your area. We will have the teacher contact you (usually the same day) and set up a free first lesson. After the lesson, if you decide you like the teacher, we will send billing information by email.