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The name of the cello comes from from the Italian violoncello (“little violone”). The cello is a bowed instrument with 4 strings tuned to perfect fifths. It is played as a solo instrument (by Yo Yo Ma, for example), in small groups, or in a full orchestra. The cello is famed for its resonant, beautiful sound, and is considered to be one of the instruments closest in tone to the human voice.
Cello is challenging to learn, because of the wrist strength needed in both hands to play it correctly. Cello lessons will include sight reading, posture, scales, drills, grip for both hands, and more. Despite the higher difficulty level, the beauty of its sound and the music written for it makes it a particularly rewarding choice. In classical repertoire, for example, its similarity to the human voice often means that it is given lyrical, song-like melodies.
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