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Aside from the human voice and drums, Flutes are among the oldest instruments known to man. The Flute makes sound by means of air flowing across an opening. The air vibrates right around the opening, which creates the sound. By opening or closing holes along the length of the Flute, the flutist (or flautist) can change the pitch.

Flutes can be found in the archeology and history of every culture on earth. They come in all shapes and sizes. In America, the most common Flute for lessons is a concert Flute; a “side blown” flute typically made of metal. Another Flute that is popular in the U.S. is the recorder, which is an “end blown” Flute typically made of wood or plastic. But typically the designation “Flute” refers to the western concert Flute.

Flute lessons can help your child learn to play the Flute in an enjoyable, efficient way. Most children who play Flute in school will have some instruction through the school band and whatever level of education the band instructor is able to give. However, adding private Flute lessons to the instruction they already receive in school can be very helpful.

The Flute is a beautiful instrument which adds a lively, energetic appeal to most orchestral and classical pieces. A qualified flute teacher will help turn the experience of playing a Flute into an enjoyable one. Sign up for Flute lessons today!


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