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The bass guitar is a type of guitar, and is usually electric instead of acoustic. This style of guitar typically has 4 strings (tuned to the same notes as the first 4 strings on an acoustic guitar, but an octave lower in pitch), though some bass guitars have 5 or even 6 strings.
In a group of instruments, like a band, the bass guitar is like the foundation of a house – a part that you build upon to create something bigger. The bass guitar has a powerful underlying role in many bands, often working closely with the drumset.
Bass guitar lessons are an excellent choice for your child as they pursue music, whether in a school band, or just for fun. Beginning bass guitar students can easily learn the basics from a bass, acoustic, or electric guitar teacher. When a student is ready for an intermediate or advanced level, a bass guitar teacher is recommended, to provide the student with more advanced practical playing skill, theory, scales, modes, picking/playing styles, and solo work.
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We will answer any further questions you have, and can recommend a teacher in your area. We will have the teacher contact you (usually the same day) and set up a free first lesson. After the lesson, if you decide you like the teacher, we will send billing information by email.