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“If I were to rate Jeff, he’d receive an A+ for knowledge, personality and patience.” ~ Cheryl K, Bethany

My friend recommended The Musicality Network 2 years ago. First, I found their website very easy to use. I was able to browse through their registered teachers, read about each one, and see their pictures. Contacting a teacher I was interested in was seamless, and we’ve had a huge success with the teacher I chose for my young children. Zachary has continually been available to answer any of my questions and has been patient, polite, and gracious. I tell people about it regularly. Thanks Musicality Network!” ~Lesley W., N.E. Portland

“My son loves his lessons with Karen!” ~Lisa H., Oregon City

“My son’s piano teacher is great. His style of teaching is creative and effective. He has not only taught my son how to play the piano but he has used specific techniques which have helped my son become more confident. He really has done wonders with my son. Thank you Adam!”   ~Brooke V., Lake Oswego

Hi Zachary, I would like to give huge praise to Elaini.  She has unlimited enthusiasm and patience and my five year-old daughter adores her. Thank you for connecting us! ~Jennifer R., Gresham

We have been having a great experience with Kelly! We are grateful to have found the Musicality Network!” ~John G., Clackamas

“My son’s piano teacher is great. His style of teaching is creative and effective. He has not only taught my son how to play the piano but he has used specific techniques which have helped my son become more confident. He really has done wonders with my son. Thank you for helping us find such a terrific teacher!” ~Jessica H., Vancouver

“We are thrilled so far with Brett’s piano lessons!  It’s going great.  Ray is a fantastic teacher. We had to switch teachers and the Musicality Network made it a painless process! Takes the stress out of choosing a good teacher – both of the teachers from you we received have been fantastic, and our friends are pleased with the teachers they received from the network as well! Highly recommended 5 stars!” ~Jake O., N.E. Portland

Adam has been giving piano lessons to my daughters aged 6 and 8 for a few months now, and I am impressed with how fast they are learning. Adam has a very positive attitude, is very patient with my daughters, and his passion for music seems to be rubbing off on them. My daughters look forward to their lessons each week, and fight over who gets to go first. During the week, they also love practicing their “homework” that Adam gives at the end of each lesson.” ~Ron M., N.W. Portland

“Emma is a generous, talented, and patient instructor. I highly recommend her for any beginning student.” ~Annie D., Lake Oswego

Hi Zach, Happy New Year to you.  I just want to say how thankful we have been for these past two awesome years with the network…our teacher is second to none.  Thank you for getting us in touch with him!  We will always have nothing but good things to say about the Musicality Network!” ~Monique B., S.E. Portland

“We LOVE Dustin! So lucky we found your network of teachers!” ~Sarah C., Tigard

“Our teacher is patient, responsible, very knowledgeable, organized and all the above!  But most importantly, he inspires our kids to look at music as a whole, not just through one instrument.  Our kids love him because they sense he wants them to explore what music means to THEM – they get that he respects them and their view… this will fuel their long-term interests in piano and music in general. We are so glad we found the Musicality Network!” ~Louis V., Vancouver

“Lessons with Ray are going so well…one of my best investments ever!” ~Julie L., S.E. Portland

“Emma has been my 7 year son’s violin teacher for one year now and we couldn’t be happier with her!  She is patient when he needs more time and very creative when he is struggling with a particular part or method.  She keeps him interested by adding in little games, which he loves.  She has made learning the violin fun and he has made amazing progress in the one year he’s been playing!  I enjoy sitting in on the lessons as well and have learned a lot from just watching.  She always comes to the door smiling and is always on time.  We feel very lucky that we found Emma when we were completely new to the whole music lesson scene.  We are looking forward to his second year with her!”  ~Andrea C., S.W. Portland

“We are still VERY happy and impressed with our lessons and the progress the girls have made in several months. And our daughter, a first grader, entered herself in the school talent show and played Ode to Joy. And she’s shy!” ~Margie D., N.W. Portland

I wanted to thank you for introducing Suzan to us.  Maggie has made so much progress in her piano playing already, we really love Suzan’s relaxed, positive approach to learning.  She is a great fit with Maggie!”  ~Jennifer R., N.E. Portland

Dear Zach, As you already know, I had reached out to you in hopes of finding a music teacher for my twin granddaughters, age 9. My first concern was that the teacher had experience with young children and also that the twins connected with the teacher. Both the girls has very limited experience with wind instruments, but they had expressed a desire to learn. With your assistance, you introduced me to Kelly. After speaking with Kelly on the phone, we arranged a “jam session” at my home. I had told Kelly that I didn’t want the girls to think it was a “Lesson”; rather just a fun time jamming together. Kelly was all for it. From the very first few moments with Kelly, both of my granddaughters fell in love with her. Kelly’s style, sense of humor, down to earth approach won all of us over. Kelly has an incredible talent of being able to communicate with little ones on a level that they can easily comprehend. I have no idea how she did it, but between all the laughter and fun, in a short time span of 4 “jam sessions” both the girls can play the trumpet and flute and actually sound good! They are learning how to read music and Kelly quickly taught them a song that they wanted to play. Kelly is a very gifted and talented young woman. One always hopes that a teacher will be able to inspire the kids to learn and Kelly has more than done that. The girls literally beg to see her all the time. In conclusion, I nominate Kelly for the “MOST OUTSTANDING MUSIC TEACHER”. She is truly an incredible individual. Best Regards” ~Mel L., Portland

…and just so you know, Laima is outstanding!!! She has my son playing Beethoven and he’s coming along so beautifully. Thank you.” ~Wendy F., Portland