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Name: Laura
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Guitar, Ukulele, Voice
Location: SE Portland (Division and 148th)

Hi I’m Laura, and I teach beginner voice, guitar, and ukulele in Portland.  My approach is centered around treating each student as an individual, forming the lesson plans and long term goals around their style of learning and personal hopes for their instrument.  

I play guitar, sing, and play drums in a local indie stomp pop band which is currently playing live shows in Portland and nationally.  I’ve been a singer since I was very young, and a guitar player for about 10 years. Since I’ve been a music student many times in my life, I understand what a student goes through, from insecurity, to frustration, to the wonderful feeling you get when you unlock a new part of yourself through music!

Above all, learning creatively is a relationship-driven experience.  Focusing on the individual student’s personality and needs is such an important part of nurturing their self-confidence and growth through self-expression.  It’s the spirit of the musician that makes a song beautiful!

Laura is currently accepting new students.

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