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Name: Søren
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Viola, Violin
Location: NE 33rd and Fremont

Søren is a composer, performer, and educator who has been playing violin for 15 years, in a wide variety of settings, from solo repertoire to chamber music to symphonic works. He is currently working on his Bachelor’s in music education at Portland State University, studying with professor Tomás Cotik, as well as playing in the PSU Orchestra, and with his string quintet. Søren is a strong advocate of teaching the violin in a way that is comfortable and natural to his students, as well as teaching healthy practice and performance habits, fostering a healthy and passionate relationship with music. He teaches a strong foundation in musical proficiency, believing that music theory at even the most basic level can make a world of difference for a young musician. Students of Søren can expect a friendly peer to peer dynamic, guiding students to explore as well as improve, and learn a growth mindset in regards to playing music.

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