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Name: Hana
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Piano, Ukulele, Voice
Location: Sellwood

In May, Hana graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a B.A. in Piano Performance. Along with piano, she studied voice, composition, music theory, and orchestration. In addition to studying voice and piano privately, she participated in Capella Nova Choir as a soprano section leader. Her love of musical ensembles inspired her to join percussion ensemble, orchestra, and chamber groups as a pianist/marimbist. She accompanied voice students on piano, and became adept at sight-reading, improvising, and performing other styles such as musical theatre and pop. In 2016, she was a piano coach and orchestra assistant at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, where she taught young musicians to pursue their passions. Her main teaching background is in piano and voice, but also teaches cello, guitar, and ukulele.

Hana started teaching piano and voice at the start of her undergraduate career, focusing on classical music. Over time, she became more flexible with her teaching style, and started to focus on music theory as well as performance skill. Hana’s teaching style works to accommodate the goals of each student, and ensures that they will transition into well-rounded, versatile musicians. One of her core beliefs is that music education does not have to be 100% classical. Lessons should focus on classical technique, but can supplement the classical side with contemporary, so students have the best of both worlds.
Hana teaches students of all ages and ability.
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