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Name: Amber
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Cello
Location: Downtown Portland (PSU)

The cello entered Amber’s life as a vision at age 7 when a string quintet came to her class. She was immediately enraptured by the warm, full tone of the cello. If she were a thousand years older and Greek, she would have said that, in that moment, she had been struck by Apollo. It wasn’t for 3 more years that she was able to join her school’s orchestra and take up the cello, and since then, her cello has become part of her.

In her 8 years of playing the cello, Amber has performed in several school orchestras, ranging in size from just 4 musicians to over 70. While she has experience performing a wide variety of pieces ranging from the Renaissance to the Contemporary, when left to her own devices, she quickly turns to recognizable ballads from her favorite movies and stage musicals.

The cello has made a huge impact on Amber’s life; it has given her an emotional outlet, a community at school, and, most importantly, the opportunity to teach and inspire prospective cellists.

Amber is currently accepting new students.

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