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Name: Andrew
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Bass, Guitar, Piano
Location: SW Portland (217 and Hwy 8/Hwy 10)

Originally from Vancouver, Washington, Andrew began playing guitar at age 13. He was inspired to pick up the guitar after seeing Iron Maiden in concert for the first time. Andrew began playing jazz in high school and has played with various ensembles including the WSU Jazz Big Band 1, WSU Guitar Ensemble, WSU Jazz Combos, WSU Latin Ensemble, Clark College Jazz Ensemble, and the Clark College Pep Band. Andrew has had the opportunity to perform with world-class musicians such as Stanley Jordan, Jeff Coffin, and Genevieve Artadi. Andrew has also performed with various rock, ska, reggae, and symphonic bands in addition to chamber orchestras. Andrew recently graduated from the Washington State University School of music where he studied jazz guitar performance and jazz composition. Andrew teaches beginning piano, guitar, and bass.

Andrew is currently not accepting new students.

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