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Name: Austin
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Bass, Piano
Location: Inner SE Portland (39th and Division)

Austin is a Portland native who has been performing as a freelance bassist for 13 years. After earning a B.A. and Master’s of Music in Music Education from the University of Oregon, he is well versed in traditional and contemporary curricula. Traditional methods are tried and true, but not every student finds the same success from the same lessons. Austin is happy to adjust a lesson plan according to the student’s needs and interests because he believes all students can be stellar musicians with the right approach. As a hobbyist composer he is able to compose short pieces that target the student’s areas of improvement, or transcribe a student’s favorite song to music notation for them to perform. Students in school orchestra will be encouraged to pursue competitions and get accepted into all-state and youth orchestras, where some of the most fun and valuable experiences as a young string player are. Austin teaches upright bass, bass guitar, and piano.

Austin is currently accepting new students.

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