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Name: Ben G.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Banjo, Guitar, Piano
Location: Gladstone (82nd and Oatfield)

Ben was born and raised in Tennessee where he discovered his love of many genres of music including blues, rock and jazz. Over 25 years of experience with music and guitar allow Ben to cover several genres of music with his students including blues, rock, jazz, funk, classical, flamenco and Brazilian styles. Ben also teaches beginning banjo and piano. Ben has studied, shared the stage, and toured with national and internationally known artists. He holds his Bachelors of Music degree from Portland State University. Ben tailors each lesson to the individual’s needs, recognizing that everyone has different aspirations and motivations for studying and learning a musical instrument. He has a guitar curriculum for all levels of students to help them grow musically with every teaching session. His curriculum include focuses on sight reading, articulation, ear-training, theory, developing tone and technique as well as interpretation on the piece(s) being worked on.

He strives to provide students with a safe and patient learning environment so they are comfortable engaging and advancing as a musician. Ben also likes to incorporate in each lesson the importance of proper movement and posture with the instrument ensuring a lifetime of pain free playing and performance.

Ben teaches piano, guitar and piano.

Ben is currently accepting new students.

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