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Name: Brad M.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Piano, Voice
Location: Beaverton (Murray and Farmington)

I started my Piano Pedagogy Certification at Western Nevada Community College. Started to teach piano in 1992. I also have a Phlebotomy Certification at and an Associate of General Studies degree at WNC. I spent 12 years in the medical field as a Phlebotomist and Dialysis Technician as well as teaching Piano. After a while I decided to change that so I went back to school to Multnonah University in which I will be done with my B.S. degree in December 2014. With a Major in Bible and Theology and Minor in Music. Also passed a Piano Proficiency Exam at Multnomah University. I am married to a Registered Nurse her name is Kay we have been married for 22 years as of October 24, 2014. I teach piano and voice to students of all ages!

Brad is currently accepting new students.

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