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Name: Paul
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Piano, Violin
Location: Beaverton and Portland

As a dedicated violinist and pianist with over a decade of experience, Paul Lee is
passionate about sharing the joy and beauty of music with students of all ages. His extensive
training includes studying violin performance at Vanderbilt University with professor Dr. Maria
Romero Ramos, participating in prestigious programs like the Green Mountain Chamber Music
Festival, and performing solos with orchestras like the Beaverton Symphony. His principal piano
teachers were Dr. Renato Fabbro, Dr. Julia Lee, and Paul Watt. Additionally, he studied with
Andrea Hawkins and Carol Sindell on the violin. Paul is the winner of several national
competitions such as the 2022 PPI Piano competition, OMTA Maude Sardam Collaborative, and
the MetroArts Young Artists Competition. Paul was also the co-concertmaster for the Portland
Youth Philharmonic for many years.

In addition to his musical credentials, Paul has a proven track record of leadership and
teaching experience. As the lead violin instructor for Project Prelude, he guided over 50
elementary students in mastering the fundamentals up to Suzuki Book 1 His lessons emphasize
body posture, dexterity, and bow technique – the essential building blocks for any beginning

However, what truly drives Paul is witnessing the growth and accomplishments of his
students. He employs a patient, nurturing approach that breaks down concepts into
easy-to-understand steps. His lessons focus on establishing proper technique from the ground up,
allowing students to build a strong foundation for long-term success. He carefully selects
repertoire that aligns with each student’s interests and abilities to keep them inspired and
engaged. Whether you are an adult pursuing a new passion or a young student taking your first
steps into the world of music, Paul is committed to providing a supportive, individualized
learning environment.

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