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Name: Chris
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Guitar
Location: SE Portland (29th and Division)

Hi, I’m Chris and I teach beginner through advanced guitar to all ages. As a teacher I approach each student as an individual and tailor lessons in a way that will help them reach their personal goals while striking a balance between building a strong musical foundation and keeping things fun and interesting. Students will have access to learning rock, pop, blues, and jazz, basic through advanced music theory, and improvisation. I feel strongly about the power of music and strive to share and help others cultivate their own ability, self-expression, and creativity.

I earned my associates degree in Music as well as a certification in Music History, and then went on to earn my Bachelor’s in History. I have been performing regularly as lead guitarist and backup vocalist in a local blues/jazz band for the past several years. Additionally, I have experience with recording and production techniques, song-writing, and other music technology like amplifiers and effects. Lets play some music!

Chris is currently accepting new students.

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