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Name: Cole
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Piano
Location: Kirkland (Totem Lake)

Cole is a pianist, composer, performer, and producer from Seattle, WA. The realm of music that he works in ranges from classical, hip-hop, EDM, and new age with an emphasis on writing and production for projects in those genres. He has been playing piano since the age of 3, and composing since the age of 7. In his early years as a musician and pianist, he studied with many teachers, but most notably with Mariya Koshkina at the age of 13, all the way until the age of 18. Between 2008 – 2012, he studied at the Academy of Music Northwest, where he received his core training in composition, music theory, ear training, conducting, music history, and ensemble performance. His instructors included Eric Flesher, Jim Paul, Bradley Hawkins, and Nathan Whittaker. Cole also earned his Bachelor of Music degree from Cornish College of the Arts.

Cole’s philosophy with music instruction is based upon dedication and innovation. Instead of simply playing the notes within a piece, he helps the student dive deeper to discover the inner
language of the music that involves styles within a particular era, harmony language, and interpreting notation in the way it was intended to be performed. Cole makes it a goal to customize every single lesson to the student’s needs, to help them reach their individual goal within music. Even though he does customize every lesson the core of the learning is based upon technique, music theory, and building strong foundation of musical knowledge. Overall, Cole’s main goal as an instructor is to ensure that each student has fun on the instrument and enjoys it with every moment. He feels that if he is able to ensure that the student is able to accomplish this facet on the instrument, everything else will fall into place.

I teach piano and can travel to homes in the Kirkland, Redmond, Bothell, and Kenmore areas.

Cole is accepting new students of all ages.

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