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Name: Dave M.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Drumset, Percussion, Piano, Recording/Production
Location: North Portland (I-5 and Marine Drive)

Having been infatuated with music for as long as he could remember, Dave began playing drums at age 11. He was immediately obsessed with all things percussion and continued his musical journey into college where he earned his degree and licensure in K-12 instrumental music education. He is also an alumnus of DCI World Championship-winning drum corps, Carolina Crown. Dave has taught orchestra, band, jazz band, drumset, vibraphone, marimba, piano, and percussion ensemble, and has had many students go on to perform in top honor bands.

Dave has been an active member in the Portland music community and has performed alongside acts such as Bonobo, Blockhead, Chemical Brothers, People Under the Stairs, and has toured the US, Europe, and Japan. He is also a seasoned freelance audio producer and recording engineer. Dave is proud to be a faculty member with the Musicality Network and offers drumset, percussion, piano, and audio production lessons.

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