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Name: David
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Bass, Drumset, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele
Location: NE Portland (10th and Ainsworth)

My name is David and i have been playing music since i can remember. I’m a multi-instrumentalist who strives to foster and build the local music community and the music industry itself into something meaningful, respectful, positive, uplifting and something that every artist who contributes to it can get reciprocity from.

I studied Jazz Guitar and performance at Portland State University and have been playing guitar the longest, 20 years. I also play Bass (electric/upright), Piano (keyboards/synth/organ), Drumset (full kit/aux percussion), Mandolin and i am also a vocalist. These are the instruments i teach, but i am currently learning Cello, Trumpet, Vibraphone, and Harp. I do teach Music Theory as well as songwriting.
Currently I play with a few different bands in town which are listed below with the instruments i play in each group.
Kulululu (guitar/bass/drums/vocals)
Human Ottoman (bass/vocals)
Shoulda Coulda Woulda (guitar/keyboards/vocals)
Anna Smith (drumset/vocals)
I do have extensive experience in multiple facets of the music industry including performing, touring, audio engineering, producing, studio musicianship work, lighting, theater, booking etc.. which i find very valuable in teaching others about music as a fun activity and the music industry as it exists.
More than anything i believe that music is a fundamental part of society and is vastly undervalued and i strive to show people that are interested in it that music is an amazing and powerful thing that everyone can reap joy from.
David teaches piano, guitar, drumset and bass.
David is currently accepting new students.
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