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Name: Edward
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Bass, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele
Location: West Linn (Salamo and Rosemont)

Edward is an honor graduate from Marylhurst University in Oregon. He earned his Bachelor of Music Degree in Guitar Performance in 1990 and has an extensive musical background of performing and teaching at the college level. Besides owning and operating an instruction studio for over 20 years, Edward has taught guitar and music theory courses for several Music Conservatories and Academies including Portland Community College and the University of Hawaii.

Edward’s lessons are always fun and informative. He enjoys getting to know each student and developing a friendship and working relationship. To see his students smile from realizing their accomplishments. Edward knows from experience that learning an instrument also teaches important life skills like accountability and how to set and achieve goals. Edward prides himself as a mentor for younger students. His refined teaching methods, unlimited patience and easy going personality all contribute to enjoyable and rewarding guitar instruction.

When you take lessons with Edward you receive a complete music education that includes reading music, rhythms, music theory, discovering the benefits of proper technique, detailed instructions on how to practice correctly and the development of musical interpretation. Edward teaches piano, ukulele, bass and guitar.

Edward is currently not accepting new students.

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